Monday, December 15, 2008

"Technology Test" for PATS '08, info bulletin

DEMO (Flash video-player: "PATS '08")

Click on "GUIDE".."EPISODES" to see list of PATS '08 videos

The daily video coverage of "PATS '08" conference (portions of Talks & Exhibition) can be *distributed* to any website, via a compact Flash video player. See above. I.e., "TV channel syndication" over other (related) physics websites during the conference. Increased exposure/reach for PATS '08 conference, for the purpose of future growth (towards the goal of Astronomy Outreach).

Enhancement of the current Content/Distribution model (single distribution point at PATS '08 website, downloadable photos). iPod/iTunes is an additional distribution point (VIDEO, leveraging the Broadband access of Internet networks), with unlimited potential:

1) iPods (mass-market media-player, 100 million & counting)
Science research-tool & public-outreach. Carrying "science videos in your pocket" has a viral-marketing effect.

2) AppleTV (living room set-top-box)
watching Science videos from comfort of your living room, Science research-tool or public-outreach

3) iPhone (debut on June 29/2007, 3G iPhone debut on 7/08, cellphone demographic is >> media-player demographic)
same as iPod, but possibly even greater reach/effect

Duke & Stanford are "on the curve", & already using 1) for teaching.

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